Fogging Disinfection

A powerful disinfection method that can help any business maintain a high level of sanitation

Fogging Disinfection is the process in which a disinfecting mist is introduced to a workspace to kill bacteria, viruses, and other illness-causing germs.

It’s a process encourages chemicals on to all spaces and surfaces like tabletops and shelving, and will also tackle hard to reach and hard to clean areas like cracks and crevices, walls, and ceilings.

Germs can reach high-level areas like lighting fixtures, and deep, tough-to-reach areas like gaps and holes in work surfaces. It’s important to eliminate the contaminants from these spaces. If they are left unclean and not disinfected, the germs can easily spread and continue to cause health problems. Fogging is a sure way to catch all the dangerous microorganisms that are hiding in these spaces.

Chemical fogging disinfection will also kill contaminants in the air. Airborne contamination might not be thought about during a regular cleaning process, but it’s something you need to think about in highly sensitive areas.

We are always fighting a germ war, and with the greater risk of the spread of infection looming over us, fogging disinfectant machines have become increasingly popular in the decontamination process of an area.

The Fogging procedure

Fogging disinfectant machines are designed to apply chemical disinfectants to areas in the form of a mist. A propellant inside the machine triggers the release of the fog, eliminating any germs.

The solution will be sprayed in a way that won’t wet down the area, but it will saturate the space and the atmosphere with a fine mist or fog. Give the fogger about 15-30 minutes to work depending on the size of the space.

While the entire fogging disinfection process will take a certain period of time depending on the size of your workspace, after the operation has been completed you should be able to re-enter the space within an hour. This timeline will give the solution time to do the decontaminating work and settle its way into all the areas and tight spaces targeted.

The benefits of fogging disinfection

Cutting down on harsh germs and dangerous contaminants will help reduce health issues and illness, loss of work, and other economic problems.

It’s very important to take disinfecting your work areas seriously and not face health-related problems in the future. Plus, your clientele will appreciate the added assurance that your place of business is free of germs and that you take decontaminating these areas seriously.

The simple way to keep your office, school, restaurant, retail space, health care facility, or gym cleaned on a regular basis is to hire a professional team to come and clean this space for you. Let us do the cleaning work!

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